Veneers in Marietta, GA

One cosmetic dental treatment that continues to transform lives every day is porcelain veneers. This treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it is so versatile; addressing not just one, but many, concerns that patients have regarding their teeth.

  • Chipped and cracked, and discolored teeth can be covered with thin, tooth-colored veneers, to enhance their appearance.
  • Minor misalignment of the teeth can be instantly corrected with porcelain veneers.
  • Deep stains that cannot be lightened with teeth whitening procedures can be masked with veneers
  • Teeth of uneven length can be more closely matched to adjacent teeth with veneers

If you need veneers in Marietta, come to Reilly Dental and let’s discuss your needs and the goals of your treatment.

Your First Appointment

Veneers in Marietta, GA

Porcelain veneers are one of our specialties at Reilly Dental. For your first appointment, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth to assess your overall dental health. We will then talk with you about your expectations and the look you want to achieve. You can bring photos of smiles that you like so that we can discuss the possibility of duplicating those smiles. Typically, the first appointment takes about an hour or two to complete, to ensure that we follow the best treatment plan.
We take many things into consideration: your natural teeth color, facial features, and face shape, for example, to determine the best course of treatment. It is essential that your smile complements your face; thus, analyzing your skin tone and facial symmetry is important in designing your ve
neers. We encourage you to ask questions during this time. We believe that a well-informed patient results in satisfaction and an attractive smile transformation.

Tooth Preparation

Your tooth is prepared for veneer bonding by taking it down by one to two millimeters. The purpose of enamel reduction is for your veneer-bonded teeth to be in symmetry with your other teeth and your entire mouth. In some cases, reshaping of the teeth may be necessary, depending on the look the patient wants. To create an ideal look, we will take impressions of your mouth to customize the veneers. We will provide you with temporary veneers while your permanent ones are being fabricated. It is normal to feel teeth sensitivity during this time. Your teeth will feel natural again once your permanent veneers are in place.

Behind the Scenes

After your first appointment, we will be sending your impressions to a dental lab to fabricate your custom-designed porcelain shells. We assure you that we work only with reliable manufacturers who have the expertise to handcraft the veneers from durable materials. The results are amazing, with the veneers blending in beautifully with your natural teeth.

Veneer Placement

The veneer bonding procedure is absolutely painless. First, we will administer local anesthesia, so you are comfortable during the entire procedure. We will begin by removing the temporary shells, and then proceed by placing the permanent veneers on the visible side of your teeth. We will regularly check on your comfort, so feel free to tell us if adjustments are necessary. Once the veneers are permanently bonded, you should see a dramatic enhancement with your smile and overall look.

Enjoy Your New Smile

We invite you to come and visit us, at Reilly Dental, and get your veneers in as little as two visits. If a smile makeover is what you need, porcelain veneers can give you the desired look that you want. Call us at 770-971-6656 and discover what veneers can do for you!

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