“I hate the dentist!! It had been 8 years since I last stepped foot into a dental office due to my extreme phobia. When I started asking for recommendations for a dentist that dealt with cowards I heard one name at least have a dozen times-Reilly Dental. With sedation during my appointments and Dr Reilly’s extremely gentle manner I was able to get 10 years worth of dentistry done in 3 visits. Dr Reilly has truly helped me overcome my fear and I will never miss a 6 month cleaning again.”
Liz Bishop
“For a long time I have hated my teeth. I was born with small corn kernel teeth. Over the years, friends and family tried to make me feel better by touting the similarities to other beauties like Lauren Hutton and Madonna but I wasn’t buying it. Then I found the Dr. Reillys (my pet name for the jovial husband and wife team). We talked about braces, Invisalign and finally veneers. When I emerged from their chair weeks late, I had the chompers I’d always wanted. Gaps? Gone! Size? Perfect! Thank you so much. I couldn’t be happier, and my smile shows it.”
Stephanie Davis, editor of Skirt! Atlanta magazine
“I feel like Drs Tom and Susan Reilly are the best kept secret in town. I received the pampering and quality of a Buckhead dentist at a truly reasonable price. It is obvious that they both love what they do and their dedication shows in their work. I love my new smile!”
Karen Nichols
“This is the first time in my life that I haven’t dreaded going to the dentist. Doctors Susan and Tom are unfailingly gentle, patient and kind. I am beyond delighted with my new veneers. I look-well, I look fabulous! Thank you both for making a trip to the dentist a pleasure.”
Anna Eidsen
“After years of not being pleased with the shape and color of my teeth, I found Dr. Reilly. Her talents and perfection exceeded what I was looking for. Thanks to her, I now have a lot to smile about. She’s the best!”
Camilla Ellenberg