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Getting a whiter smile isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3, but we make it very simple for you at Reilly Dental. Our practice uses both in-office bleaching and at-home treatments to whiten your teeth. The solutions we offer are very effective; you will get a smile that is noticeably whiter and brighter, by up to 7 shades. Our practice is known as a trusted and reliable provider of teeth whitening in Marietta, Ga and the surrounding areas. We can help you achieve that dazzling smile that you want through our tested and proven solutions.

In-office Treatment – Boost Whitening by Ultradent

Ultradent is a trusted brand in dentistry and is recognized for its Boost whitening trademark. This whitening system produces stunning results while it protects and cares for your teeth. Boost differentiates itself from other whitening systems by protecting enamel strength and reducing teeth sensitivity commonly associated with teeth bleaching products. The Boost whitening system is backed up by studies showing effectiveness and

Teeth whitening in Marietta GA

cavity prevention. Thus, you get that pristine white smile while giving your teeth more strength.

Boost whitening involves the use of a professional grade peroxide-based gel that has been proven to be effective and completely safe, whitening the teeth much more quickly than over-the-counter whitening products. Boost has 38% hydrogen peroxide concentration. Drugstore products typically only have between 3% to 10% hydrogen peroxide content.

To begin the whitening process, we will first cover your lips and gums for protection; thus, exposing only the teeth to the whitening product. Our friendly dental assistant will then apply the special bleaching gel on your teeth, taking extra care to provide extensive coverage and reapply where necessary.

After the gel application, we will use a special light to further intensify the bleaching action. The light is directly illuminated to one or two teeth at a time, for about two minutes for each area. This ensures that you get the most desirable outcome, and get the whitening effects that you want.

Boost whitening treatment penetrates deep within the teeth, dissolving stains in the process, to give you stunning, dazzling results. To maintain your white smile, you are advised to avoid darkly colored beverages like coffee, tea and red wine, as well as certain kinds of foods and engaging in habits like tobacco use. To ensure that your teeth stay white for life, use the Opalescence® Xtra® Boost™ take-home teeth whitener, and never go back to having yellowed and discolored teeth.

Opalescence® Xtra® Boost™ Take-Home Whitening Kit

We, at Reilly Dental, are pleased to offer you the Opalescence® Xtra® Boost™ take-home teeth whitener. This product has a much higher concentration of carbamide peroxide than other products in the market. Use this whitening treatment at home and achieve fantastic results.

Opalescence® Xtra® Boost™ is a kit that contains customized whitening trays that are very similar to dental appliances like mouth guards. The trays are very thin and contain professional grade whitening gels. When your teeth begin to discolor, simply put on these trays and touch up your smile effectively. If you need more whitening gels, we can provide them for you at a minimum cost.

At-home whitening treatments offer many advantages. They are less expensive than in-office treatments and are the perfect solution if you’re on a tight budget. The treatment is also customized according to your needs and professionally supervised. Results can be seen after just one session, and dramatically whiter effects within two weeks. You can discontinue treatment once you achieve the shade that you like.

Let our systems bring you that confident booster with a brighter, whiter smile. You can choose from our two effective whitening solutions: Boost in-office whitening treatment and Opalescence take-home whitening kit. You can also combine these two treatments to give you that sparkling white smile that you’ve always wanted. Contact us today for more information about these treatments, and schedule your appointment. Begin your journey towards that beautiful smile transformation at Reilly Dental, your trusted dental care specialists in Marietta.

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