Invisalign in Marietta GAWhen it comes to reasons for why you have a ruined smile, one predominant cause is that you have a malocclusion. Also known as a bad bite, malocclusions are caused by a number of reasons and manifest in certain ways. For instance, you may have a bad bite because you genetically have a small jaw or because your teeth are quite large. Another way that you can have a bad bite is when you lose a tooth too early on, causing the permanent tooth to erupt in a site which is far away from where it is supposed to exfoliate. Bad bites come in the form of crowded teeth, gapped teeth, crooked teeth and overbites.

Treating Your Bad Bite With Clear Aligners

The best way to treat your bite problem is for you to wear orthodontic braces. The most common form of orthodontic braces is the one which makes use of metallic brackets and wires. However, wearing metallic braces can be extremely embarrassing for someone who is an adult and has to face a bosses and clients day in and day out. For this reason, clear aligners or invisible braces have emerged to help improve a person’s bite without it being extremely conspicuous.

Invisalign Braces

With regards to clear aligners, the most popular type would have to be the ones which are developed by Invisalign. Made by Align Technologies, the first time that these braces were first introduced to the public was in 1999. Invisalign is made with a special type of clear plastic material which confers the durability and strength of each pair of aligners. However, each aligner should have a thickness of just less than 1 mm so that your teeth still show through your aligners and so that the latter does not seem so conspicuous. Invisalign braces are made so that they look like mouth trays which are fitted over teeth.

Invisalign FAQs

Your Invisalign aligners work by pushing teeth into their rightful positions. The awkward fit of these aligners would force your teeth into where they ought to be in order to establish a better alignment for your teeth. The only issue is that your teeth would only be moved a couple of millimeters each time you wear a pair of aligners. For this reason, you are expected to go through a couple of pairs of aligners throughout the entire treatment duration in order for your bad bite to be corrected.

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